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We manufacture and supply apparel for retailers and brands, who want better quality apparel delivered fast.

Trust us to bring your brand to life.

Salted Basics Apparel Manufacture & Sourcing Showroom in Westerville, Ohio
Womens Sweater Manufacturing & Sourcing
Eco Fashion
Mission Statement Sumon Sultan, Founder of Salted Basics
High-Quality Denim
High-quality knits, Rib, French Terry, Fleece, Jersey, Woven or Mix

It All Starts With Why

Our industry has a reputation for overpromising and under delivering. We know a good sourcing partner can be hard to find. Sourcing partners with different culture, time zones, or language barriers make it even harder. We’re here to bridge that gap.

At saltedbasics we are passionate about making a difference. Apparel sourcing and manufacturing is a complex industry with many moving parts. We’ve seen the difference when factories are run safely and care for the people working in them.

We’re excited about the advances our industry is making towards a more sustainable future for fashion. Whether it’s innovating using recyclable fibers or finding smart new production methods that use less water and energy, we see a lot of good happening in our world.

We’re here to help you source high quality, good value fashion that respects everyone in the supply chain.

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A Few of Our Team!

Meet the team who will help you get quality garments from design to your warehouse.
Courtney Campbell
PD&D/Account Management
Felix Owusu
Warehouse/Logistics Associate


Our Showroom

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