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sustainable practices in apparel sourcing and manufacture


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sustainable practices in apparel sourcing and manufacture
apparel manufacturing to promote sustainable standards


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Organic Cotton

Cotton grows in tropical and subtropical countries around the world. Growing cotton organically means growing it without the synthetic fertilizers or pesticides that harm biodiversity. GOTS certified organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that sustain the health of soil, ecosystems and people.

We encourage our clients to use organic cotton in their product. We deliver organic cotton garments at very competitive prices.

Repreve Polyester

The fashion industry has its part to play in finding more sustainable ways of living. Turning plastic waste into recycled polyester is one solution to the problem.

In one year, 6.7 million discarded bottles are recycled into Repreve Polyester, a highly versatile and hard wearing fabric.

More and more of our clients are exploring ways of incorporating recycled polyester into their collections. We’d love to help you use it too.


Advancements like CAD/CAM, automatic cutting machines, and laser technology, are transforming the apparel industry. Technology has a huge part to play in reducing the environmental impact of the clothes we wear. We work with factories that invest in green technology and processes, such as Air-Dye that reduces water usage by 95% and energy by 86%.

Our portfolio of green apparel factories is certified by key international environmental organizations.

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